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Kentucky Case to Be Heard by US Supreme Court

Kentucky Discrimination Attorneys are anxious to hear the US Supreme Court decision in the case Thompson v. North American Stainless. The Court agreed on June 29, 2010, to hear the case. While it will not be argued until the fall, the case will take a critical look at whether employers can legally retaliate against a complainant’s family members when an employee reports illegal discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

In the Thompson case, both Mr. Thompson and his finance, Miriam Regalado, worked for North American Stainless. Mr. Thompson had worked for the company for over six years, and it was known throughout the company that they were dating. Ms. Regalado complained of workplace gender discrimination to the EEOC. A few weeks later, Mr. Thompson was terminated.

Mr. Thompson filed suit, but the federal courts in Kentucky dismissed his case and the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld the decision ten to six; both courts argued that the law only protects employees engaged in the protected activity, such as Ms. Regalado, but not relatives.

If you feel you or a family member has been discriminated at work, it is important that you contact an employment discrimination attorney to understand your rights. It is illegal to be terminated for complaining of workplace discrimination or harassment