Can Employers Discriminate Against Young Workers?

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With the fear of recession and other external business threats, companies are hesitant to hire anyone who doesn’t have years or even decades of experience. This makes it difficult for young workers to get many job opportunities. In many cases, young workers believe that they are simply turned away from a position because of their age. Our Louisville employment law attorneys explain if employers have legal grounds for age discrimination.

Age Discrimination in Kentucky

According to the Kentucky Civil Rights Act, employers with eight or more employees aren’t allowed to discriminate a person who is 40 years of age or older. Unfortunately, this means that if you are 39 or under, an employer can freely turn you away because you are “too young.”

In the past, age discrimination in the workplace was more prevalent for middle-aged and senior people. Companies were compelled to hire younger workers and turn away older applicants because of their age. That is why the Kentucky Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against those 40 years of age or older.

Discrimination Against Young Workers

It wasn’t until recent years that there has been more workplace discrimination against young workers. Most often, white-collar companies refrain from hiring young workers because they might consider them a “risk” due to a lack of experience. Unfortunately, employment laws in Kentucky haven’t been updated to adapt to these cases and protect young workers. However, if you are facing discrimination in the workplace because of your age, an attorney may be able to seek a national avenue to protect your rights.

Experienced Louisville Employment Law Attorneys

Age discrimination is becoming more and more common for young workers. If you’re experiencing age discrimination from your employer or coworker, you may be able to file a claim against them. You need the legal counsel of an experienced attorney to determine if you have a case. Although workers under 40 aren’t covered for age discrimination, our team can analyze your case to determine if there are other forms of discrimination present in your case.

If you’re experiencing discrimination in the workplace because of your age, contact our Louisville employment law attorneys today at (502) 890-9954 for a case review!

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