Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

women on wheelchair

People in nursing homes need constant care and personal nursing. Unfortunately, many people fail to receive the care, attention, and respect they deserve while residing in nursing homes. If your loved one lives in a nursing home and you fear that they may be experiencing abuse or neglect, you need to understand their rights. Our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys have put together nursing home residents’ rights.  

The Right to Dignified Existence  

Nursing home residents have the right to be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity. Your loved ones shouldn’t have to deal with neglect, exploitation, or abuse from caregivers. They have freedom from physical or chemical restraints, and they have the right to maintain their quality of life. Your loved ones shouldn’t even have to fear for the security of their possessions.   

Right to Self-Determination 

Nursing home residents have the right to choose what activities, schedules, or physicians they want. They also have the right to refuse or discontinue treatments. Unfortunately, there are many cases where caregivers tell nursing home residents what to do, and they aren’t able to incorporate their personal or cultural preferences—but they have the right to do so.  

Right to Be Informed About Important Information  

Nursing home residents have the right to be informed about any information that pertains to their health and care in the nursing home. This means that residents have the right to be told about risks or benefits of proposed treatments, changes in healthcare plans, and anything else relating to their stay in the nursing home.  

Right to Raise Complaints  

If your loved one has concerns about their nursing home, they have the right to file a complaint. Whether it’s related to discrimination or retaliation, they should report any issues they experience.  

Right to Have Access to Records & Other Items  

If your loved one wants to have visitors, they have the right to invite guests at any time. They also have access to their medical records and religious or community activities. Nurses or caregivers can’t deny any information or activities to residents.  

Rights to their Finances  

Nursing home residents have the right to their financial affairs. If they want information about their bank statement, they should have access to it. They also shouldn’t be getting charged for services covered by Medicaid or Medicare.  

If you suspect that your loved one’s rights are being violated in their nursing home, contact our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys today at (502) 890-9954