How Long Does My Employer Have to Give Me My Last Check?

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Under federal law, employers are not required to immediately release the last paycheck to their employees following the completion of their employment. However, Kentucky state law sets specific guidelines to ensure that workers receive the compensation they are entitled to. Our Louisville employment law attorney explains if an employer can withhold your last paycheck.

How Long Does an Employer Have to Give You Your Last Check?

According to Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 337.055, an employer has until the next scheduled pay period or fourteen days after the effective end date of a worker’s employment to release the last paycheck. This rule applies to all employees — whether they’ve resigned from their position or have been terminated.

What Deductions Will Be Taken Out of My Check?

An employer is only allowed to take deductions out of the last paycheck that is required by state or federal law. This includes state and federal taxes, any benefits that the employee has elected into, and garnishments.

What If My Paycheck is Being Withheld?

There are no circumstances that allow an employer in the state of Kentucky to refuse a worker their last paycheck. Employees that have quit or been fired by their employer must be sent a final paycheck containing compensation for any earned and unpaid wages.

If you are unable to obtain your paycheck after leaving your place of employment, you can contact our team at Charles W. Miller & Associates for assistance.

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