How Are Nursing Homes Regulated?

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When our loved ones are in a nursing home, we trust that they will be treated with respect and care. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. To ensure that nursing homes are treating our loved ones as they should, it is important to understand how nursing homes are regulated. If you believe that your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, contact our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys today at (502) 890-9954 to schedule a consultation. We are here to help you protect your loved one’s rights.

Nursing Home Regulations

The Nursing Home Reform Act set federal regulations for nursing and long-term care facilities. Federal regulations require nursing homes to follow specific instructions when treating nursing home residents. Below we have put together a list of nursing home regulations:

  • Nursing homes are required to have sufficient staff
  • Maintain dignity and respect for each nursing home resident
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of each resident’s functional capacity before they become official residents
  • Ensure that residents receive proper treatment and assistive devices to maintain vision and hearing abilities
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident
  • Provide appropriate treatment and services to incontinent residents to restore normal bladder functioning when necessary
  • Provide each resident with sufficient fluid intake to maintain proper hydration and health
  • Maintain acceptable parameters of nutritional status
  • Promote each resident’s quality of life
  • Ensure that the residents can make their own choices. For example, they can choose activities, schedules, and health care

What If Nursing Home Regulations Aren’t Being Followed?

If you discover that nursing home regulations are not being followed, you can file a complaint with the Kentucky State Department of Health. Once you file a complaint, they will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the nursing home follows protocols.

If your loved one experienced nursing home abuse, they have laws that protect them. Our team at Charles W. Miller & Associates has helped families get the compensation they deserve after suffering abuse in a nursing home. Your loved one can recover the monetary compensation they deserve after suffering physical and emotional injuries. Let our team guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Contact our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys today at (502) 890-9954 to schedule a consultation!

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