The 6 Biggest Mistakes Made After a Car Accident

car accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming, especially when a person suffers serious injuries. Since a car crash can be chaotic, it’s easy for people to make mistakes when trying to recover medical bills and other related expenses. Our Kentucky car accident attorneys have put together a guide to help you avoid making the most common mistakes made after a car accident.

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Mistake #1: Not Visiting Your Doctor

One of the biggest mistakes people make after a car accident is underestimating their injuries. There have been countless cases where individuals think their injuries are “not too bad” and fail to get checked by a doctor. Unfortunately, by the time they realize that they are hurt, it’s too late. Even if you only feel sore or stiff after a car crash, you should get your injuries checked since it could turn out to be a severe injury.

Even if your doctor doesn’t believe it’s serious at first, they can trace your injuries back to your car accident if symptoms arise weeks or months after the collision.

Mistake #2: Trusting Your Insurance Company

Another big mistake people make is trusting that their insurance company has their best interest at heart. Insurance adjusters only have one goal, and that’s to save the insurance company money. It means they will do what they can to figure out how to pay you less after your car accident.

Be cautious of what you tell insurance adjusters to ensure that you are protected. When you file a claim, you should only discuss the necessary information. Don’t mention fault or opinions about the accident.

Mistake #3: Not Calling the Police

Don’t let the other driver talk you out of calling 911. Calling the police after a car accident can be extremely beneficial in the future. When the police arrive at the scene, they will determine whether any drivers violated the law. If so, they can issue a citation or arrest the driver, which can often help your case. They will also write a report about the accident to explain what happened. A police report can also help with your claim when you’re seeking compensation.

Mistake #4: Saying Sorry or Admitting Fault After an Accident

It may be instinctual to say sorry or admit fault after an accident, but doing so can affect your case down the line. You might think you caused the crash, but there may have been other contributing factors in reality. Never apologize for an accident that isn’t your fault, and never rush into admitting fault for a car accident.

Mistake #5: Agreeing to a Quick Settlement

Many individuals make the mistake to agree to a quick settlement. What people don’t know is that they are possibly giving up a large amount of compensation. By not settling quickly, people have time to determine what compensation they should receive. Injury symptoms can arise weeks or even months after the accident, plus it can take time to discover which party was at fault for the collision. For such reasons, it is important to take your time before agreeing to settle your case.

Mistake #6: Not Hiring an Attorney

The best way to avoid mistakes after a car accident is to have an experienced attorney on your side. An attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to put together your case, and they can help you determine the compensation you deserve. If you were injured in a car accident, our team here at Charles W. Miller & Associates can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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